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We Safely Remove Dangerous Trees

Tree Removal Service Oakland County, MI
We specialize in identifying and removing dangerous trees.

Large, mature trees can add beauty to any landscape but they can also pose a great threat to your property, buildings and even people and pets if they are left in a dangerous state.  Trees that have not been trimmed properly, trees that are very tall and/or leaning in a dangerous direction, or trees that are unhealthy and dying all pose a risk to your property.  With the frequent heavy winds in our area it creates a constant problem for homeowners with dangerous trees on their property.

WB Landscape Services is a landscaping and property maintenance company offering tree removal services. We specialize in identifying dangerous trees and then either trimming or removing those trees from our customers’ properties.  With a quick visit to your property one of our experienced professionals will be able to tell you how to best deal with your tree problems to keep them from damaging yours or a neighbors property, improving property security, and allowing more light into your landscape.

Tree Removal Services:

  • Identifying dangerous trees
  • View enhancements
  • Removing mature trees close to homes or buildings

Some Common Tree Species We're Asked To Remove

  • Large Maple tree removal
  • Large Oak tree removal
  • American Yellowwood tree removal
  • Aspen tree removal
  • Birch tree removal
  • And more!

How Do We Handle Dangerous Trees?

Every tree project we encounter is going to be different and there could be various factors that will affect the project and it's difficulty.  Proximity to buildings, power lines, vehicles and neighboring properties all play an important role in helping us decide how to best handle your trees.

After viewing your project our team will discuss the hazards and come up with the safest way to handle your dangerous trees.  These methods could involve the use of a bucket truck or even one of our skilled tree climbers to safely bring the tree down without causing any damage.

Why Choose WB Landscape Services For Your Tree Removal?

When you choose to work with WB Landscape Services for your dangerous tree removal project in the Oakland County area you’re choosing to work with a team of skilled professionals.  We’ll be able to address your specific tree problems and come up with a viable solution that will work for you and keep your property safe from tree damage.  Our crews are professional, courteous, very knowledgeable and will leave your property in a better-looking state than when we’ve found it.

We clean up after ourselves, so aside from your completed tree-work, you’ll never know we were ever on your property!

If you’d like to receive an estimate from WB Landscape Services for your tree removal project please give us a call (248) 872-0278 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.


We had an amazing experience with Jose and his team! Jose was great to work with. Extremely responsive and showed up for an estimate right away. As soon as we approved the estimate, he was here the next day with his crew cutting down our trees. It was a great experience from start to finish and I would highly recommend them. We hope to work with them again on future projects!

Shawn Flanagan September 14, 2022

Jose and his team were awesome! He called me right back and was able to do the job right away for me. They removed an Arborvitae that had gotten blown over and trimmed a couple other trees as well. They were quick and efficient! I will definitely use them again!

Robin Stebbins September 13, 2022

Jose and the team were fast and professional. They removed three trees from our property and trimmed one that had long limbs hanging above our roof. They were great at giving suggestions about how to best get the job done to save the tree and keep it looking great. I would definitely use them again for their work and their prices!

Karen Bade September 10, 2022

Removed tree limbs that had fallen on roof after storm. The crew was professional and took care to ensure no additional damaged occurred. I would recommend them.

Bill Moffitt August 31, 2022

Needed trees trimmed within 24 hours after a storm and they were there and cleaned up the tree in less than an hour and cleaned up our backyard to perfection. Would highly recommend

Steven Moltmaker August 31, 2022

They did good job to remove my tree.

Kevin Fang August 16, 2022
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Tree Removals We've Completed

We specialize in safely removing unwanted trees

Dangerous Tree Removals:

Dangerous tree removal is a specialized service that demands meticulous attention to safety and expertise. Trees can become hazardous due to various factors such as disease, structural weakness, or storm damage. In such instances, they pose a significant threat to structures, power lines, and, most importantly, people. Removing dangerous trees requires not only the right equipment but also a deep understanding of tree physics and biology. Only trained professionals can ensure that these trees are removed safely and efficiently, minimizing the potential damage and risks. WB Landscape Services has the expertise, equipment, and experience to handle these complex removals, prioritizing the safety of all involved.

Dead or Dying Tree Removals:

Dead or dying trees are not just unsightly; they are also a ticking time bomb in your landscape. The structural integrity of these trees diminishes over time, making them susceptible to collapsing even without external triggers like strong winds. Additionally, such trees can become breeding grounds for pests and diseases, posing risks to the healthy flora around them. Removing dead or dying trees is crucial for maintaining a safe and healthy environment. At WB Landscape Services, we recognize the importance of timely removal of these trees. Our team is trained to identify the warning signs and carry out the removal process in a manner that ensures safety, cleanliness, and minimal disruption to the surroundings.

Removing a tree, especially large ones, requires expertise, equipment, and safety precautions. Professionals are trained to handle these tasks efficiently while minimizing risks to property and ensuring personal safety.

Yes, depending on the municipality within Oakland County, you may need a tree removal permit, especially if the tree is on public property or within certain designated areas. Always check with your local city or township ordinances to be certain, we can also provide you with guidance specific to your situation with an on-site visit.

The cost varies based on the size, location, and complexity of the tree removal. We offer competitive pricing in Oakland County and can provide a free estimate upon inspection.

The duration depends on the tree's size and location. Typically, smaller trees can be removed within a few hours, while larger or more complex removals might take a day or more.

Stump removal is a separate service and is not automatically included with tree removal. If you want the stump removed, make sure to mention it when requesting a quote.

Absolutely. Our team takes extra precautions to ensure minimal impact on the surrounding landscape. We use advanced techniques to control the direction of the fall and protect nearby structures.  In some cases we might even fall the tree in sections and lower the sections using ropes and pulleys to minimize impact.

While it's possible for homeowners to remove small trees or shrubs, larger tree removal should be left to professionals due to the inherent risks involved.  A quick search on YouTube for "tree removal gone wrong" should be enough to discourage you from trying this yourself.

Yes, WB Landscape Services is fully insured and licensed to operate in Oakland County, ensuring that you're protected against any potential liabilities.

We offer several options. You can choose to keep the wood, have it chipped into mulch, or have it hauled away and disposed as green waste. We strive for eco-friendly disposal methods whenever possible.

While tree removal can be done year-round, certain times of the year, like late winter or early spring, are often preferable in Michigan due to ground conditions and weather. However, if a tree poses an immediate risk, it should be removed promptly regardless of the season.

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